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16 April 2021

Spa treatment directly at your home? You can with Lagalene Milano!

In this historical period marked by a global pandemic, many of us have had to give up many simple things that brought pleasure and relaxation in […]
8 April 2021

Skip Care routine: the beauty routine in just a few steps!

The phenomenon of the Skip Care routine was born for those who want to take care of their face and skin in a few steps! In […]
31 March 2021

Double chin? Let’s find out the causes and remedies to have a toned and compact face skin!

Double chin? Do you also suffer from this annoying skin blemish? Do you want to discover the causes and remedies to reduce it and have a […]
25 March 2021

Barcode Wrinkles? Discover how to eliminate wrinkles around your mouth!

Have you ever heard of the so-called barcode wrinkles? These are the unpleasant wrinkles in the nasolabial space that appear perpendicular to the contour of the […]
9 March 2021

Interview with the founder of Lagalene and his Crowdfunding Campaign!

Interview with the founder of Lagalene, whose equity crowdfunding campaign started on The Best Equity portal in collaboration with HUI. “Francesco, what will you be when […]
3 March 2021

How to have perfect skin before Spring thanks to juniper and elemi

Ready to welcome Spring, its colors, its crisp breeze, the sun that gets warmer, and the scents of flowering trees? To be really ready we must […]
24 February 2021

10 things you don’t know about skin!

Do you think you know everything about skin? Do you know how to take care of it without damaging it? The first step before taking any […]
18 February 2021

Lagalene starts with the Crowdfunding campaign!

Lagalene opens its doors and seeks investors for its made in Italy project with the crowdfunding campaign, launched on the portal and on thanks […]
10 February 2021

The endless benefits of essential oils for glowing skin!

Have you ever heard about essential oils and their endless benefits? Did you know that they are used both in aromatherapy and in the cosmetic field?In […]
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