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Skincare for men: 5 steps to follow!

The men face is different from the women’s one, but this doesn’t mean that men don’t need a pure skincare. Stress and ageing signs appear even in the men’s skin and that’s why it needed to take care with a good skincare.  1- First of all, you need to apply a non-invasive cleanser, then you […]

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Mature skin? Some tips to love your signs of aging

Our skin changes during our life, it grows up with us and ages with us.  The ageing is a natural process that is part of all our organs. But our skin is threatened by external compounds that contribute to the ageing, like solar light, variation of the temperature or the pollution of our city.  All […]

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The secret to love the others is to love yourself!

The skin shows what the heart feels, it makes us have feelings hard to describe with words…the skin is the surface of our soul, but it’s deeper than we see.  It is the sensitive demonstration of the feelings that your heart and your mind perceive.   Unfortunately, in these modern contexts, in cities that are threatened […]

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How to recognize chemical cosmetics

When we buy products, we have to watch the cosmetic labels in order to make a more conscious use of the skin-care products. Either on the back of the packet or on the package insert we can find the indications and all the compounds in that product. It’s not easy to translate and understand those […]

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Hydrating vegetal oils

The hydrating vegetal oils are a cure-all for your face and body, for your hair and the organism. They are a great moisturizer and our beauty best friends. For thousands of years many types of oils are used as an elixir able to restore the swelling and the elasticity even to the most ruined skins. […]

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