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Skinimalism: the new trend that cuts down on skincare products!

In the beauty world there is a new trend: Skinimalism means using fewer but better products, preferably multipurpose! The idea of ​​using many and different products in our beauty routine is wrong, the skin is often attacked and the desired results are not obtained. […]

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The shape of beauty

Beauty is within us, how many times have we heard it said: who is beautiful inside automatically becomes beautiful outside? Pay attention to it, aren't they what we consider defects that make us special, unique? Improving ourselves every day, growing and accepting ourselves even imperfect, above all, because they are imperfect. […]

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Post summer beauty routine: the perfect skincare for beautiful and healthy skin!

Summer is about to end, and our skin needs attention to return to a natural balance. Under the sun, the skin gets stressed, inflamed and dries very easily, and the salt of sea water certainly accelerates this process. For this reason it is always recommended to protect the skin and drink plenty of water to always maintain the right hydration. […]

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Beauty tips to prepare your skin at best before summer

This is the right time to prepare your skin at best before summer! As the good old saying goes: "prevention is better than cure", so read this article to discover Lagalene beauty tips and food recommendations for healthy skin and a perfect tan.Many wonder how to get a perfect tan during the summer as sometimes the skin color is not […]

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Do you have combination skin? Discover all the beauty tips to treat it at best!

If you have combination skin, you are in the right place to receive beauty tips that will help you treat it at best, without attacking or damaging it. Let's start by specifying that combination skin is a type of skin that is not uniform, in which there are dry, impure, acneic and oily areas. […]

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