How to build your emotional muscle

In moments when everything seems to be unraveling, in which we need our inner glue, in that precise moment our emotional muscle is activated.

What is emotional muscle?

The resilience is our ability to resist in the darkest moments and it is stronger the more trained our emotional muscles ; the latter are our inner strength that allow us to overcome all difficulties and recover faster and faster.

Often after a disappointment or a bad moment we manage to use everything we have been through to become stronger .

Lagalene is also cultivating the philosophy of taking care of one's mind ; the care and well-being of one's body and mind feed each other.

How to train the emotional muscle?

If we keep running away from our fears, they will continue to overwhelm us, we must be aware of their existence even if they seem frightening to us.

When we look at what frightens us with greater awareness we must face it as it manifests and not just chase it away.

The goals we set ourselves can only be achieved if we are fully aware of our potential.

Knowing the reasons why we get angry, for example, can be the real engine of change , and enables us to chart a new course.

Always looking for the "positive"

There are always those who are more optimistic than others, but optimism can be trained ; in every situation, looking for at least one positive side helps our ability to cope with stress and build our emotional muscle .

Being grateful

Some studies show how spending part of our time focusing on the positive aspects by showing ourselves grateful, helps us to develop a research model of positivity .

You can write down your positive aspects or keep a diary for example.

The 30 minute rule

Dedicating ourselves to things we love , that we like to do, that give us joy every day for at least 30 minutes, builds around us an environment of positivity that knocks down everything that creates us stress and moodiness.

Every day for at least 30 minutes we must pretend to have an appointment that cannot be postponed, an appointment with the things that make us feel good .

Keep moving

How does it feel after a long walk? Or after a short workout? You feel more elastic and toned, this is because the body also needs to discharge negativity and toxins .

Recognizing the signs of physical fatigue such as frantic breathing, sweating and increased heart rate helps us to know how to manage them in times of stress and in situations of fatigue . This is also a way to train ourselves to face the intense emotionality of a few moments.

Taking care of one's own physical shape as well as the well-being of the body are one of the fundamental processes for improving self-esteem, in fact they develop the propensity to be safe and concrete in everything we do .

Develop your daily beauty routine : even seeing our tired and dull face contributes to inducing insecurity; using an oil leads us to naturally massage our face, to get back in contact with our body and to caress it.

Lagalene Multi-sense Treatment Complex is a 100% natural nourishing oil which, through its rapid action, brightens and revives, reduces wrinkles and reduces signs of skin fatigue

Its essential oils act on psychophysical well-being by favoring:

  • the positive thinking (thanks to the properties of cedar, bergamot and bitter orange),
  • the concentration (through the benefits of juniper and benzoin),
  • and the determination (thanks to the active ingredients of elemi).

This mix of natural ingredients, elaborated following an artisanal method, contrasts the destabilizing factors such as stress and frenzy of modern life and offers support for psycho-physical well-being, just as important for us as the physical one.

Kindness and lightness

Tackling thoughts and situations with greater lightness ( which is different from superficiality ) giving the right weight to each situation without being too strict with ourselves, we it helps to develop the search for positive aspects despite adversity.

We must learn to turn off the negative dialogue within us and let the right balance flow into everything.

Put these simple tips into practice and take care of your well-being , the essence of beauty is already within us.

Beauty is a choice, Lagalene is your choice.