How to revive the skin after the summer: peeling and scrub

Often after the summer our skin appears non-homogeneous, a little "rough" to the touch, in some parts dry and discolored.

One of the main causes of this skin condition is certainly sun exposure (which often occurs without due protection), which causes dehydration, inhomogeneity, spots and cracks .

So, when you stop going to the beach and exposing yourself to the sun, you need a regenerating action to remove dead cells and impurities , to stimulate the formation of a " new skin ”.

How to revive the skin after the summer?

Our beauty advice is divided into two ways: peeling and scub !

But what is peeling and scrub for?

Both are “ techniques ” for to eliminate dead cells favoring cell regeneration . More specifically:

  • remove dead cells and impurities from the stratum corneum of the skin
  • promote cell renewal of the epidermis
  • facilitate the penetration and absorption of the cosmetics to follow
  • make the skin more smooth, soft and luminous , as well as lighten slightly
  • reduce the visibility of wrinkles and micro wrinkles for a anti-aging effect

What is the difference between peeling and scrub?

The peeling are based on the action of acids that act on the epidermis, exfoliating in a delicate, medium and deep way, according to the type of acid .
The scrubs , on the other hand, are linked to the manual rubbing action of micro granules , usually of vegetable origin, which smooth the skin and rid it of impurities.

What are the recommended products?

It is essential to prefer natural products , Made in Italy, certified, suitable for different skin types and above all non-aggressive and harmful!

The Nature provides us with everything we need to provide for our needs, and that is why the Lagalene Milano line only offers products that exceed 99% naturalness!

If we want to perform a gentle peeling we recommend the Hyper Moisturizing Serum 99.35% natural , composed of 3 types of serums (vitaminic , AHA, and very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), oat beta-glucans and lactic acid .

The lactic acid , very useful for regenerating the skin after summer , is an organic acid and has an astringent, exfoliating, pH regulator, emollient function and humectant, it performs a light peeling leaving the skin smooth, soft and elastic, and is used as an adjunct in the treatment of problems related to acne, psoriasis and impure skin.

Another super recommended product for its regenerating, restorative and smoothing properties is the Intensive Renewal Elixir 99% natural , a multi-purpose product with double mode of use : day / night mask or cream.

In this fantastic product perfect for all skin types we find ingredients of the latest generation that help revive the skin after the summer, such as citric acid , an acid found in citrus fruits, which smoothes the skin, evens it out and makes it smooth to the touch.
Also present is Hyalomatrix , the latest generation hyaluronic acid that penetrates deeper, gives a 3D plumping effect and has a regenerating and restructuring effect on our skin!

Taking care of our skin should be one of our priorities, especially after the summer period during which our face is exposed to the sun and needs a regenerating action !

Choose products that respect your well-being, natural, certified and Made in Italy, such as the skincare line Lagalene Milano

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.