How to prepare your skin for summer

The days are getting longer, the sun is warmer, the trees are in bloom and everything takes on more warmth and color. We are getting ready for the summer season, synonymous with happiness, lightheartedness and adventure.
But let's not underestimate the "skin" factor, which is stressed during the summer and is often dehydrated. In fact, in this article we will talk about how to best prepare our skin before summer to avoid damage, sunburn, erythema, and to keep it healthy, hydrated and radiant.
It is said that tanning makes everyone more beautiful, so let's shine and let ourselves be kissed by the sunlight, but with the right protection!
Before exposing ourselves to the sun, in addition to spreading the protection all over the body, we must take into account the SPF ( Sun Protection Factor ), which is the number indicated in the bottles that defines the ability to defend the skin from UVB rays, so as not to risk damaging the epidermis, and to prevent the formation of spots on our face that are difficult to remove. Better to prefer a high protection during the hottest hours, and an average one for the rest of the day.

To prepare our skin to receive vitamin D from the sun adequately while preserving its health, we need to replace our old sun products with new ones. Therefore, we throw away and without regret expired products and open packages since their effectiveness will not be what it once was.

The impact of the first sun of the season is often underestimated, but aggressive exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause trauma to the skin , which is why experts recommend adequate sun protection even in the city , where involuntary exposure to the sun, together with smog, risk making the situation more serious.

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Going back to how to prepare the skin before summer , let's see some tips to follow ...

One of the most effective tips is the daily use of products that contain hyaluronic acid , a substance that deeply hydrates the skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen which are the key to having a healthier, more toned and rejuvenated face.

hyaluronic acid together with a good sun protection will give a complexion complexion and delicate without causing melanoma, erythema and permanent sun spots.

Now that we know how to act to prevent nasty surprises due to the sun, let's see how to behave after sun exposure .

Also in this case, hyaluronic acid is our ally! Skin tissues stressed by sunlight will be stimulated, rebuilt and above all hydrated.

The Hyper Moisturizing Serum by Lagalene, the serum composed of 99.35% from natural ingredients, helps plump the tissues , moisturizing the skin and calming all types of solar irritation , thanks to the maximum concentration of acid at its minimum molecular weight

To complete the treatment effectively, after the application of the serum, there is the flagship of Lagalene: the Multi-sense Treatment Complex , the compound face oil 100% from ingredients of natural origin, jojoba oil together with a mix of essential oils, which hydrates your skin, illuminates and eliminates blemishes on your face.

Its surprising versatility r makes Lagalene oil suitable as a treatment after sun , thanks to its soothing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties which act on redness, irritation and skin rashes.

Furthermore, the natural and intense fragrance of the essential oils that compose it stimulates positive thinking and removes accumulated stress, leaving a deep feeling of relaxation and well-being !

For greater nourishment and an intense regenerating action, our Intensive Renewal Elixir is the perfect ally for those who, after sun exposure, feel the need of a intensive treatment to have a new, healthy and radiant skin!

Take care of your skin in the best way before, during and after sun exposure with good protection and Lagalene products !

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.