How to do a quick, simple and effective summer skincare!

We are in the middle of the summer season and between days at the beach, aperitifs and dinners with friends, there is less and less time to devote to skincare, but we must not forget it !

As we know, it is important not to neglect our skin , even in the periods where you have less time, in fact in this article we will give you some advice on how to perform a quick summer skincare , simple and effective !

In the summer period our skin needs attention, in fact the sun, heat and salt water dehydrate the skin and speed up the formation of wrinkles and skin spots . This is why we must never "skip" our beauty routine!

What to do if you have little time? What products to choose?

skincare estiva

It is certainly essential to choose targeted and specific products based on the type of skin and needs , even better if they are all-in-one products , in order not to too many steps and make the skincare shorter ( but still effective! ).

Here are some simple tips based on your skin type for a practical, short and quality beauty routine :

As you may have noticed, we recommend two at most three products for a COMPLETE and effective skincare!

It is important the rapidity of absorption of the products to avoid that the face remains greasy ( especially during the summer period, there is already the heat that makes the skin moist ), and above all the quality of the ingredients, it is better to prefer products that border on 100% naturalness and above all that are certified!

Dedicate the right attention to your skin, take care of your face also during the summer by choosing all-in-one products that give you a fast skincare, effective but of very high quality , like the beauty routine signed Lagalene Milano !

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.