Time for yourself: 5 minutes a day for your psychophysical well-being

How important is one's psychophysical well-being?

psychophysical well-being is a condition of balance between physical health and psychological balance, and it is important to carve out 5 minutes a day to achieve it.

In most cases there is some work to be done, both on one's inner self and on one's daily habits, such as food choices, physical activity and body care .

What is psychophysical well-being based on?

  • Being in good physical condition
  • Balance psycho-emotional
  • Having a positive attitude towards situations and people (especially towards oneself!)

Nowadays it is not easy, given the hectic lifestyle we lead: stress and lack of time do not help us and force us to sacrifice the time we could dedicate to us and to our health , which we often neglect and put at risk.

Indeed, a fairly balanced lifestyle, a healthy diet, and good body care (with natural ingredients of course, such as the Lagalene line which exceeds 99% naturalness! ) helps prevent ailments and diseases.

How to carve out 5 minutes for your psychophysical well-being?

To achieve psychophysical well-being it is important to understand what habits we can change and start this path with constancy , to obtain benefits in the short, medium and long term.
To maintain this well-being you need a minimum of commitment and love for yourself, what will it be 5 minutes to pamper yourself ?

With the Lagalene holistic skincare we really want to give you a beauty pampering ( unisex! ) that touches all the senses!

  • Touch : our textures are soft, soft, quickly absorbed and pleasant to spread on the skin.
  • Smell : our products exceed 99% naturity and contain essential oils (as in the Multi-sense Treatment Complex ) which combined, they stimulate positive thinking , remove stress and have an energizing effect!
  • Sight : the whole line of Lagalene products is created with recyclable materials, and designed to give a touch of beauty, sophisticated and refined to your pochette / bathroom shelf .
  • Hearing : that is represented by the sigh of relief and relaxation that you will feel once Lagalene skincare is over, in less than 5 minutes!

As previously said, well-being and time (even if little) dedicated to us is worth more than anything, so in a life full of commitments and thoughts, let's help ourselves by giving ourselves even just 5 minutes to reach our psychophysical well-being !

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