Vitamin C for the skin? Discover all its fantastic benefits!

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, helps the immune system and is a great ally for our health, and consequently for our skin !

It is an organic molecule soluble in water and, since our body cannot synthesize it, it is important to take it through food and make it an essential component of our diet for numerous benefits that brings.

As for the skin, this vitamin is of fundamental importance to have a young, toned, elastic and luminous face . Let's find out all its benefits together in this new article of our Journal !

First, what are the main sources of vitamin C?

Vitamin C is contained in fruits such as citrus fruits, pineapple, kiwi, strawberries and cherries , in vegetables as lettuce, radicchio, spinach and broccoli , in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes and peppers , and in tubers such as potatoes .

What causes a vitamin C deficiency?

First of all, there are various factors that can contribute to causing a deficit of this vitamin in the body, first of all a diet poor in fruit and vegetables, a hectic lifestyle , smoking, pollution, medication, stress and cold.

The deficiency of this essential vitamin for our well-being can be a cause of fatigue , muscle weakness and premature aging.

So why is vitamin C so important for the skin?

This type of vitamin works as an antioxidant, supports the immune system and protects cells, DNA , lipids and proteins from oxidative stress.

Contrasts skin aging , premature wrinkles, fine lines and dull complexion.

Vitamin C is a very important ingredient for our beauty!

Together with a good skincare and a cleansing deep, for example with the Gentle Vegetal Soap 100% natural which also acts as a tonic, vitamin C helps brighten the complexion , stimulate microcirculation, reduce wrinkles and skin spots , decongest bags and dark circles , such as with our natural Ultra Intensive Care Treatment 99.86% .

Not surprisingly, vitamin C is present in the Multi-sense Treatment Complex Lagalene, the 100% natural moisturizing face oil composed of cold-pressed jojoba oil, together with a mix of essential oils , which deeply nourishes the skin, has a soothing, emollient, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti- effect spots. In addition, its completely natural scent directly stimulates the cerebral cortex promoting positive thinking and by removing stress .

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