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The opinion of:Prof. Masieri

" Lagalene products have excellent compatibility with sensitive, delicate and allergic skin. In addition to their action on the skin, it is also important to consider their natural fragrance, which stimulates the senses and is useful for giving us more energy and more relaxation .

What struck me about Lagalene products is their composition which exceeds 99% naturalness , and the choice of preservatives that do not cause any kind of immunological problem.

The action of cold-pressed jojoba oil is excellent, which therefore retains all its characteristics, including the anti-inflammatory, useful for treating acne and psoriasis.

The cosmetics Lagalene are cosmetics born from an in-depth study that gives well-being without creating allergy problems, a factor that should not be underestimated. So proposing products such as those Lagalene that give us anti-allergic answers and are very useful for all skin types, will certainly be the future of our cosmetics. "

The opinion of:Dr. Antonella Appino

“The Lagalene products are especially interesting for the choice of preservatives and for the limited number of ingredients used. I have dealt a lot with allergic skin diseases and hyperreactive skins.
Excellent attention to the skin barrier and its integrity.
I was very impressed especially by the oil , incredibly moisturizing, nourishing and non-occlusive .

Noticeable results with every single application .
I love and share the attention to the choice of preservatives and the underlying philosophy of these products. Care of the skin barrier is the first step to reduce the damage of photoaging , to strengthen fragile skin, reduce the risks of hyper reactive or allergic skin and support, in some cases, therapies specifications . "

Magazine on fashion, health and beautyMarie Claire

Lagalene had the honor of appearing in the famous Marie Claire magazine with the Multi-senseTreatment Complex.
Here is an excerpt from the commentary on the famous magazine:

"Positive thinking is the ingredient that most attracts us in Lagalene Jojoba & Pure Essential Oils Multi-sense Treatment Complex.
Holistic philosophy that together with essential oils, jojoba and citrus extracts, hydrates and illuminates the face. "
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