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The secret to love the others is to love yourself!

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The skin shows what the heart feels, it makes us have feelings hard to describe with words…the skin is the surface of our soul, but it’s deeper than we see. 

It is the sensitive demonstration of the feelings that your heart and your mind perceive.  

Unfortunately, in these modern contexts, in cities that are threatened by the pollution, that are very chaotic, your skin is always in danger and exposed  to chemical substances which negatively act by causing redness, skin dehydration and rashes. 

That’s why you need to use  products that aim to restore the natural balance of your skin, bringing it to its natural beauty. 

The skin feels stress, tension, it perceives relax and happiness and above all it embraces love…the more you take care of it, the more you feel good about yourself and others. 

The first step to love others is to love ourselves: in order to do this we need  to love our skin, cuddle it and cuddles us…and then we will devote and love ourselves to others.

Let’s take this step together in this  new 2020…let’s get ready for sweeter Saint Valentine day…love for skin, mind and heart. 

Give yourself the wellness of your skin…there’s nothing purest and truest than La Galene products: hyaluronic serum at the highest concentration and lowest molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.

The Jojoba oil, with a mix of essential oils and its active substances makes your skin silky and never oily, spreading deep fragrances that positively act on your mind, coddling your face, giving brightness and light.   


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