Luca & Marco
Sharing Care

One couple, one treatment

Marco thinks he has dry skin. Is that what they say?
What he is sure of is that every time he shaves, small cuts are the order of the day and so are irritations. the results were scarce.
But where do we start to get a culture on this boundless world of face products?

Luca always cared about his appearance and therefore he , he has learned the basics.
To wash your face no super soap and for the body you have to buy two different products, the shampoo shower is not exactly the best idea.
He would like to take care in the right way too. of his face, obviously choosing a maximum yield minimum firm solution.

Two problems, one solution
To miss

Luca and Marco have given up on the creams that work once and again to rely on a quick and easy facial routine made up of only two products: Ultra Intensive Care Treatment and Multi-sense Treatment Complex by Lagalene. Two complementary products that together eliminate bags and dark circles, imperfections, blackheads, post-shave irritation and signs of aging. The best part? It really takes two minutes.

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