Vale & Fede
Sharing Soap

Two brothers, one oily skin and one acne, but only one soap.

Vale has oily skin that more than once made her feel uncomfortable.
On social media, everyone seems to have super perfect skin, but how is that possible?
How can you? Does she feel beautiful from ear to ear?

Faith sometimes thinks her face is a battlefield.
Pimples, scars ... every day there is one!
Can you wake up and finally feel okay?

Two problems, one solution
Natural sebum-normalizing face cleanser

For the two brothers, the mirror is no longer a problem. Vale and Fede have restarted from a deep cleansing to find themselves 100% in their own skin.
The Gentle Vegetal soap thanks to the research of Lagalene is ideal for:
• Prevents acne thanks to its purifying action. • Reduces blemishes and pimples thanks to its astringent and cleansing action.
• Contrasts annoying combination skin by rebalancing the natural pH of the epidermis.

Who do you share your beauty routine with?

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