Recompose your skin, start from the water

The origin of all things is also the starting point. Start taking care of your skin in a natural way, immerse yourself in the Lagalene Holistic Beauty routine and find hydration, tone, elasticity and health.
Cleanse yourself

Dip your hands in the water, do you feel the continuous caress that changes shape and flows around your fingers? Bring it to your face. Use the Gentle Vegetal Soap to find a deep and delicate cleansing suitable for all skin types. Take advantage of the sebum-balancing, soothing and emollient properties of Lagalene soap. Let your skin achieve deep cleansing.


The water has no memory that's why it is so clear. Look at your skin and take inspiration, hide the signs that remind you of the experiences you have lived. After cleansing you need a boost. Replenish and repair facial skin with a few drops of the Hyper Moisturizing Serum and watch yourself be reborn.

Get fed

Feel your skin, it needs to recover elasticity and tone. Entrust this task to the Intensive Renewal Elixir, a regenerating leave-in mask. Let yourself be invaded by energy and its fresh and enveloping fragrance.


Give the light. To your skin, to you. Revives and emphasizes the well-being found with a few drops of the Multi-sense Treatment Complex, a 100% natural face oil. Look at yourself. Your skin has another face.

You start again from the water with Lagalene

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