Beauty according to nature.

Effective and innovative, characterized by a very high quality of ingredients, the highest possible concentration of natural components and active ingredients with a functionality other than mere cosmetic action, also taking care of psychophysical well-being.

More than 99% of natural origin


The sphere avoids contamination and waste of the product, and the ultra blue glass protects it from shocks and exposure to UV rays.

Innovative Ingredients

Jojoba oil extract, CBD and Hyalomatrix are just three of the innovative ingredients that make up the Ultra Intensive Care Treatment.

Localized Action

The structure of the bottle allows for a localized shock treatment on the eye contour, lip contour, deep wrinkles and imperfections.

The Serum

Very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with a hydrating complex of beta-glucans from oats and vitamins extracted from citrus fruits.

Deep Hydration

Contrasts the signs of aging and helps prevent the onset of wrinkles. It relaxes and plumps the tissues, making them silky, soft and elastic.

Moisturizing Oil

Provides maximum hydration without greasing and is not diluted with water. Contains cold-pressed jojoba oil and a mix of essential oils: 100% natural components.

Our products are:

Dermatologically tested
Cruelty Free and vegan
Without parabens
Without sulphates
Without microplastics
Without heavy metals
Without dyes
Without alcohol

Even a moment can be a beauty moment for the skin and the soul.
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