Beauty routine in less than a minute?

Pass the Roll! The Ultra Intensive Care Treatment is a 10 ml roller composed of 99.86% ingredients of natural origin. One step solves the problem of the signs of aging, both on the lips and around the eyes. If you have blemishes or imperfections, the Roll is also a great ally for this. And then…

Just Roll
Ultra Intensive Care Treatment
Anti-age roller around the eyes and mouth

The plumping, tensor and anti-aging effect will be immediate thanks to the natural ingredients that make up its formula, such as the essential oil of hemp that helps eliminate imperfections, redness, acne and discoloration by restoring the ideal pH, and Hyalomatrix, a hyaluronic acid with a very low molecular weight and reticular type, which plumps the skin obtaining an immediate 3D effect. Its fragrance based on tonka beans guarantees a relaxing and invigorating effect on the psyche.

Anti-aging roller
eye and mouth area

Ultra Intensive Care Treatment

How much time do you spend on your skin?

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