Shine and shine, give yourself back light

Delicate, naked, lively, clear, warm, sensual, there are many shades that light can take on. Find yours with Lagalene's beauty routine.
Cleanse yourself

Your skin is your home, how much light do you let in? Get ready to shine, start with deep cleansing. Use the Lagalene Gentle Vegetal Soap, a facial cleanser made from 100% natural ingredients that act synergistically to reactivate all skin types.

Get ready

The light is given freely, filling all the available space. Make sure he finds as many as possible. Use the Hyper Moisturizing Serum, the latest generation Lagalene serum to perform a light peeling and purify yourself.


It links cleansing and purification with nutrition and deep hydration. Choose the Multi-sense Treatment Complex, a 100% natural nourishing oil that brightens and revives the skin. Shine and shine, always carry your light with you.

Give yourself back Light with Lagalene

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