Spots on the skin? Experience the natural effectiveness of Lagalene.

Help your skin with natural products.

We are all victims of daily stress, alas, even our skin.
Stressed by the combination of pollution and long UVA rays that produce free radicals, consequently generating oxidative stress, which leads to pigmentation problems.
And here are the spots.

The skin turns gray, becomes dull and uneven, spots appear. The stress of seeing them increases, creating a vortex from which it becomes increasingly difficult to emerge. But there is help, and it comes from nature.

Ultra Intensive Care Treatment

Our roll composed of 99.86% of ingredients of natural origin, is a shock treatment with the whitening action of the full spectrum CBD, essential oil of hemp, and thanks to the xanthophylls of tea, coffee and chocolate, helps eliminate imperfections, redness, acne and discoloration by restoring the ideal pH of the skin.

Spots: here is our natural beauty help!

Not all stains are the same, in causes and in appearance.
There are localized spots on the skin that are not very evident and others that are more conspicuous and deep.

For less evident spots , we recommend combining the smoothing and rebalancing action of the Hyper Moisturizing Serum with the action of the Ultra Care Intensive Treatment: with lactic acid, it stimulates metabolism and cell turnover for effective stain treatment.

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For more conspicuous and deep stains , on the other hand, we recommend our Intensive Renewal Elixir mask: the xanthines of tea, coffee and chocolate guarantee rapid cell turnover and tissue regeneration for a truly decisive treatment of very noticeable spots.

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Fight blemishes with the natural effectiveness of Lagalene.
Rediscover serenity, for the skin and the soul.