Oily skin? Give it a new balance.

The sebum paradox ...

Excess of sebum, shiny areas in the central part of the face, especially on the forehead and nose, pores that dilate and skin that becomes thicker. In two words: oily skin.

It seems paradoxical and against all logic, but, although the role of sebum is to prevent the skin from drying out, sometimes oily skin peels and flakes on the surface causing seborrheic dermatitis.

So what to do? 3, 2, 1: Aim to rebalance.

Let's start from the foundations, first of all trying to restore the level of hydration with an immediate and impactful action.

First step

First of all you need to act with cleansing . A deep but delicate cleansing, with restoration of the dermolipidic barrier. With Gentle Vegetal Soap you will get an astringent, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating, disinfectant action.

Also used as a mask and left on for a minute, it eliminates excess sebum.

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Second step

After cleansing, switches to the 99.35% natural Hyper Moisturizing Serum . Thanks to the lactic acid present in its formulation, it is the best pH regulator , the alteration of which is the cause of combination and oily skin.

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Third step

To finish your beauty routine choose our oil, Multi-Sense Treatment Complex : with its citric acid component it will be a fundamental ally for maintaining the ideal pH with an astringent and disinfectant action .

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