Go deep, choose purity

Point a magnifying glass on your skin, let your gaze flow. Remove impurities, fatigue, stress and blemishes. Find your natural purity with the Lagalene Holistic Beauty routine.
Cleanse yourself

Explore beyond the surface. Give yourself a deep cleansing with Lagalene Gentle Vegetal Soap. A face cleanser made of 100% natural ingredients that you can use every day. Delicate and with an enveloping fragrance based on essential oils, it acts inside and out, taking care of your skin and stimulating positive thoughts.

Get ready

Harness the power of plants to prepare yourself for purity. Give yourself back tone and volume. Prepare a roll with a tensor and plumping effect with the Ultra Intensive Care Treatment. Its formula contains hemp essential oil, an ingredient that helps eliminate imperfections, redness, acne and discoloration by restoring the ideal pH.


Relax and regain your strength. The best elixir for your beauty is to understand the secret and unique language of your skin. Listened to using the Intensive Renewal Elixir leave-in mask by Lagalene. It gives the skin a new vitality by accelerating metabolic processes and torching the hypersensitized dermis.

Choose Purity with Lagalene

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