Thais & Rannces
Sharing Soap

Two goals, one soap

Thais has beautiful skin, soft, supple, luminous, despite the shooting lights and the daily rhythm. To keep her like this, she has always been looking for quality products, which can accompany her in her daily skincare routine: from the morning, when she gets up, to the evening before going to sleep.

Rannces , she is young, like her skin that despite her care has a slight tendency to be oily, showing that shiny effect that he just can't stand.

Small problem, small remedy: in a word, cleansing. But with which product?

Two problems, one solution
Natural sebum-normalizing face cleanser

Thais and Rannces have been friends for several years a beautiful friendship and some of them also share a piece of their beauty routine: the Gentle Vegetal Soap by Lagalene.
A 100% natural soap that cleanses the skin, purifies it deeply but with the delicacy of the highest quality ingredients.
For Thais it is a must: in the morning when she wakes up to cleanse and in the evening, left to act for a few seconds as a regenerating mask.
For Rannces it is ideal, she corrects her imperfection without irritating the skin.

Who do you share your beauty routine with?

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