How to recognize chemical cosmetics

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When we buy products, we have to watch the cosmetic labels in order to make a more conscious use of the skin-care products.

Either on the back of the packet or on the package insert we can find the indications and all the compounds in that product.

It’s not easy to translate and understand those compounds…but the chemical substances you have to avoid are always the same:

  • Petrolatum: you can find as petrolatum, paraffinum liquidum, mineral oil, propylene glycol, isopropyl, vaselina, they are hydrocarbons, occlusive compounds deriving from oil scraps. They are jelly compounds which not only they are not biodegradable but they are also carcinogenic!
  • Silicons: all the words ending with -ticone, -siloxane, -silanol are silicon. They are harmful substances…it seems like hydrate your skin, but what they do is to create an oily glaze that gives you a sense of hydration that is just momentaneous…this glaze blocks the water and doesn’t let the oxygen to go inside, rubbing in cutaneous respiration and allow the micro-organisms to proliferate under this protective gaze.
  • The carbomer with roots like crosspolymer, acrylate, styrene, copolymer or nylon, it’s a polluting synthetic substance.
  • Parabens: they are molecules that come from benzoic acid and they have antimicrobial activity. In 2004 it was published a study about the consequences of parabens in estrogens (hormones involved in breast cancer)
  • Metals: they are absorbed by the body because they are present in everyday products…they obstruct the lymphatic system and are very hard to expel. A study made by the Environmental Defence of Canada with the Safe Cosmetics campaign revealed the bad effects on the body and the worst thing was that none of the products reported the presence of these elements on the label.

So, it’s not easy to navigate among all these chemical substances…that’s why you need to confide in a natural cosmetic treatment: no chemical compounds, with active substances, pure and natural for an efficient cure. 

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