Mature skin? Some tips to love your signs of aging

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Our skin changes during our life, it grows up with us and ages with us. 

The ageing is a natural process that is part of all our organs.

But our skin is threatened by external compounds that contribute to the ageing, like solar light, variation of the temperature or the pollution of our city. 

All of this provokes both ageing and the appearance of visible signs like wrinkles, skin dryness, moles and the loss of elasticity. 

This process usually starts from 25 years old and it’s always recurring at the beginning of the menopause. 

The hormonal element in women is fundamental and when it starts not to work how it used to, it’s normal the appearance of ageing signs. 

The epidermis stops to regenerate like it used to and substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid start to reduce exponentially. 

There’s no magical cosmetic that can give eternal life to the skin, but there are products that have natural compounds, acting against this process, slowing down the ageing and improving the condition of your skin. 

The natural and sustainable cosmetics then adds the guarantee of safety on the products used as it does not contain parabens, heavy metals, derived from petroleum, dyes and other elements that are potentially harmful to health.

Hyaluronic acid at maximum concentration and 100% natural oil open the doors to a relaxed, hydrated and ready to face aggressive external factors giving your mind an energy boost to fully feel your inner energy. 

Choose the best for you, choose our products La Galene.

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