Hydrating vegetal oils


The hydrating vegetal oils are a cure-all for your face and body, for your hair and the organism. They are a great moisturizer and our beauty best friends.

For thousands of years many types of oils are used as an elixir able to restore the swelling and the elasticity even to the most ruined skins. Today, phytocosmetics returned to be interested into these oils, explaining that they can also be used in the cosmetic field (shampoos, face creams, make-up removers).

You don’t necessarily have to think about the oil like something greasy and unctuous: the oil creates a hydro-lipid stratum able to slow down the dehydration and to deeply feed your tissues. It helps the bond among the corneal layer cells, improving the tone of your skin and, compared to a normal cream, it has a deeper effect (thanks to its natural compounds it absorbs faster and better).

The Jojoba oil

The Jojoba oil is taken from a shrub seeds that grows in deserted areas, like in California, Arizona and Mexico. Its function is purely eudermic: it restores your skin physiologic status, creating on your skin a layer that avoids the dehydration, which is one of the main causes of aging).

Jojoba oil is also a great anti-age and antioxidant.

It’s very dense and it has an exotic aroma, it’s very nutritious and abundant of vitamin E, suggested to those who have oil skin.

La Galene multi-sense treatment complex is an oil created from the mix of jojoba oil and essential oils.

With the benefits of Jojoba oil, there’s also the psycho-physic advantage because of the essential oils.

Citrus tree, bergamot and sweet orang develop the positive thought, giving balance to the organism and fighting the stress. Juniper and benzoin help the concentration while the elemi acts on the determination.

Everything is 100% natural.

No parabens, no crude oil, no microplastics, no heavy metals

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