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The Warrior of Light because he believes in miracles miracles begin to happen
How many times have we heard the phrase: “We are what we think“?, What could often appear as rhetoric, in reality embodies the foundations of a real philosophy of life, ancient millennia.
Positive thinking was born and developed as a technique for modifying and improving the quality of life through the observation and conscious management of one’s thoughts.
One of the main assumptions on which this philosophy is based is that thoughts are living, creative matters and as such the individual has ample opportunity for intervention.

The main technique through which positive thinking is implemented is constituted by “affirmations“, or sentences that contain within themselves the mental, physical and spiritual characteristics that the individual wishes to possess or the events that he wishes to happen.
The means used to generate this virtuous spiral are manifold: through repeated affirmations or thoughts that create a progressive subconscious reprogramming of the mind, through creative visualization, a technique that consists in visualizing by imagining things or situations to cause them to materialize.

Or through meditation, it is used to achieve greater mastery of the activities of the mind, so that it becomes capable of focusing on a high concept, or a precise element of reality. In the context of psychosynthesis, a state of consciousness is defined which can be obtained through the voluntary directing of our attention towards a specific object, and this is called: reflective meditation or through the complete absence of thoughts, receptive meditation.

What do we mean when we talk about the mind?
The term mind is commonly used to describe all the higher functions of the brain and in particular, those of which one can have subjectively consciousness of different degrees, such as sensation, thought, intuition, reason, memory, will.

According to the theorists of positive thinking, they are linked and can be influenced. This is why, according to this philosophy, being able to govern thoughts can generate a positive flow for all aspects of our life, being the mind, the engine of our being.
Through the dynamics of the way the mind operates, it is possible to recognize the distinction between an egocentric ego, which identifies itself with the being I and the I (self) capable of observing the observer.

This method involves four states of consciousness: I see the object, I realize that I see the object, absorption in a state that overcomes the subject / object duality beyond conventional communication.
While it is true that the quality of thoughts determines the quality of life, exercising the mind to positive thinking can only improve our life. Seeing is believing!


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