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Lagalene has embraced the philosophy of changing oneself to change the world, even a small part, since if everyone took a step every day, we would be able to preserve the beauty that surrounds us.
This is why we have always chosen to make our products eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and with a very low environmental impact. Our challenge is to demonstrate that nature can be preserved without ignoring the aesthetics of the product as well as, mainly, the extreme therapeutic functionality thanks to the combination of plants and elements.
The search of beauty and love for nature are values ​​that have found fertile ground in a thriving and growing reality like that of the Russian market.
It is a great honor, in fact, for us to announce our first international collaboration thanks to Marina Levada, etiquette expert and founder of Ecole, a school that aims to support personal growth through the deepening of communication techniques and bon ton, who believes in our own values.


Marina, how was this collaboration born?

In the 2017 I started my russian-italian culture project “Windows of Irkutsk – Doors of Venice”. I worked in Italy during 2 years and realized my exhibition in 7 cities including Rome, Verona and Venice. The first and the main partner in this story was the magazine “Ozero Komo” and the team. In the spring of 2021 the chief of the magazine Tatiana Rykoun invited me in for participation in a webinar with a very interesting speaker in the beauty sector. Francesco Arculeo told in his speech about production Lagalene principles. It’s to use only eco-friendly products with beneficial influence on the emotional sphere of a person. In spite of my living very far from Italy, in Siberia, these principles are very close to my consciousness. I thought it was a great idea to represent the Lagalene brand in Russia.

You are the director of a bon ton school, Russian culture has always loved beauty. According to your experience, do you think the cosmetics and beauty sector is growing?

Russian people really love everything related to beauty. In the world culture Russia has always been associated with the beauty of ballet, music and literature. As for the beauty industry of the 21 st century in Russia as elsewhere in the world, it’s incredibly diverse and Everyone is free to choose – from a shop not far from home to an online store of a brand with a worldwide reputation.

What do you think are the developments for the beauty sector, and what do you hope for the future from this collaboration with Lagalene?

Today, despite a wide selection of beauty products, the consumer is always open to new things and more and more often thinks not only to be beautiful, but also to feel good and keep healthy. In my opinion, the products of Lagalene fully meet this request.

Beautiful, healthy skin, a glowing appearance generates self-confidence and our actions will be a reflection of what we see, as there is nothing deeper than what appears on the surface and we are convinced that this new collaboration will be a an important resource in our quest for beauty.


22 June 2021

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