Skincare for men: 5 steps to follow!

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The men face is different from the women’s one, but this doesn’t mean that men don’t need a pure skincare. Stress and ageing signs appear even in the men’s skin and that’s why it needed to take care with a good skincare. 

1- First of all, you need to apply a non-invasive cleanser, then you stretch it on your face and wash it with lukewarm water.

Later, it’s suggested to plug with a towel and prepare it for the serum application. 

2- The hyaluronic serum enriches those dry areas that feel the stress of everyday, of work.

It’s time to gift yourself with a skin regeneration, stretching the serum from the middle of your face to the exterior, the nose sides and the cheeks; then, from the chin to the neck. 

3- In order to let the serum work on the skin, you need to apply it by pressing on the mandibular angles and tapping the face. 

4- The hydrating oil goes with the serum: with a few drops on your fingers, you can massage chin, temples, forehead, cheekbones and the neck. 

5- Thanks to the essential oils, it gives a comforting hydration, above all on your beard or mustaches. 

You can also apply the oil just after the shaving to make your skin soft and ready to face a work day.



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1 Giugno 2020

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