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14 October 2020

Allergies, irritations, and skin rashes to skincare products? Not with Lagalene!

One of the most painful and most complicated topics for those with extremely delicate skin, prone to allergies and often victims of irritation and skin rashes, […]
4 August 2020

How to get rid of acne with Lagalene products

Acne is a problem that affects many people, women and men, teenagers, and adults.There are many pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic tips, but you need to know […]
1 April 2020

Multi-sense Treatment Complex: let’s see all the details

Here we are again with our focus on the ingredients of Lagalene products.Now it’s the turn of the Multi-sense Treatment Complex, our moisturizing oil composed of […]
30 March 2020

Hyper Moisturizing Serum: let’s see all the details

Would you eat something without knowing what it is? Would you drink from a glass without knowing what’s inside? We should also ask ourselves these questions […]
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